Lopi Cape Cod: The Next Generation

The Lopi Cape Cod competed in the Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge and proved why it is the cleanest burning, most efficient wood stove on the planet that is certified by the EPA! The Alliance for Green Heat and Popular Mechanics sponsored the Wood Stove Design Challenge that was held on November 16 -19 at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Twelve teams from around the world competed in the first international competition to build an affordable, cleaner-burning wood stove for residential heating. The Cape Cod had much success and won three of the eight awards given out at the Wood Stove Decathlon!

Cape Cod Wood Stove

The Wood Stove Decathlon started because there’s not much information on what the cleanest and most efficient wood stoves are and we wanted to educate consumers on how to identify them, said John Ackerly, President of the Alliance for Green Heat. He also said they wanted to give wood stoves a facelift by showing there really is a high-tech future for them.

The Wood Stove Design Challenge was an overall success and gave us the opportunity to showcase not only the Cape Cod, but our revolutionary clean-burning technology, Hybrid-Fyre™ to people from all over the world. Ambassadors from Denmark and Finland, as well as United States Congressmen got to experience Hybrid-Fyre™ and all that our clean burning stove has to offer. We received $5,000 for our winnings and donated the money to the Alliance for Green Heat to give back and help them pay for the expenses of the Decathlon.

The Cape Cod is EPA-certified as officially the cleanest burning, most efficient large wood stove in the world!

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