Wood Stove Exchange Pays

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The following is reprinted with permission of Vernon Morning Star newspaper:
wood stove exchange program could help Lake Country and North Westside residents save some money while burning more efficiently and creating less pollution.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan program is again offering a $250 rebate (while funds last) for people replacing and recycling their old wood burning appliance with a new cleaner burning EPA/CSA certified appliance (wood, pellet, electric or gas burning hearth product).

“Many valley homes have inefficient conventional wood stoves or heat their homes with open hearth fireplaces,” said Nancy Mora Castro, air quality co-ordinator.

“If homeowners replaced those with a newer, cleaner-burning certified technology appliance they could burn a third less wood while cutting smoke emissions by up to 90 per cent.”

Kittitas County residents can find information about local air quality here.

Wood Smoke Myth Busters by Morning Star on Scribd